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Intelligent BPA Software

Yoroflow ensures that all tasks across IT operations, front office, middle office, and back-office are doing at a quick speed and a pocket-friendly cost. It can help grow the organization significantly. Yoroflow optimizes your business tasks single digital workflow at a time.

Empower Admin to organize and manage their work in one place. Without a single line of code, anyone can streamline and automate any business process through BPA tool. That’s why Yoroflow upgrades efficiency, enhances agility and provides augmented user value through workflow optimization, presenting a great outcome.

Trusted by Top Global Organizations

Yoroflow takes process automation into new directions providing a top-class digital workplace platform designed for minimal disruption of its work. Our team knows that every organization faces different challenges on the road to automation, and we have built customized software to help you get there. Yoroflow on a mission to transform the way the world develops the application. Learn more about the unique feature that sets Yoroflow apart from real-time AP to digital business process automation.

Who Are We?

YOROSIS Technologies Inc. is an innovative product, strategic consulting, and software development company based in Maryland, USA. 

We specialize in Commercial Rules Engine products – LiveRules, Health care industry including but not limited to HIPAA Claims Loading, the Medical claims adjudication and payment system. We are a small but very energetic and experienced team that focuses on bringing innovative products and services to the market.  

Our Research and Development team works relentlessly in creating products that ease the development process. More importantly, we build the BPA tool-sets that help monitor and run the business smoothly on a day-to-day basis. 

YOROSIS focuses on product and software development, offers strategic consulting to private and public sector organizations. 

We leverage our experience in the software industry over 18 years to build the product and software that contributes and adds value to our customer success. Thinking ahead is what we do best to give an edge to our customers. We constantly evolve our products and services in new technologies based on the market trends and our customer needs.  YOROSIS focuses on innovating products and features that matter most to our client’s success. We at YOROSIS believe in simplicity, trustworthy and commitment to grow along with our customer success.

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Workflows planned for business activities are largely required to be agile, this helps…