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Yoroproject is an Excellent Platform for Fast-moving Teams. Track Tasks, Manage Projects, and Collaborate with Teams of All Sizes

A quick comparison of
Yoroproject vs Asana

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Core Features


$5 USD

/ User

/ Month

Billed Annually


$10.99 USD

/ User

/ Month

Billed Annually

Unlimited Users
Multiple Projects
Form Customization
Gantt Chart Across Boards
Unlimited Dashboards
Time-Tracking across Projects
Built-In Docs
Custom Rules

Why Yoroproject is unique from others?

We’re proud to help non-profits, corporates, and students stay on top of their work. Each team works differently and uses Yoroproject in their own unique way to smooth out their processes.

Budget Tracking

Estimate your budget, track expenses, plan for uncertainty, and more with ease in the Yoroproject’s template that help you understand your spendings.


Create tasks to represent sprint and assign them to your teammates. You can make the milestones or set a particular date within the sprint.  

Custom Role

You can set up custom roles in Yoroproject so that you can remove and assign permissions for any users and groups without any hassles. 

Consolidated View  

With Yoroproject’s consolidated view, you can quickly see the total number of teams, users, last logged in user with date and time.


Set dependencies, track key milestones, and accomplish tasks to keep track of all the tasks and get them completed quicker. 

Project Management Dependencies – Complete Guide with Examples

The word “dependencies” is often used in project management when discussing the relationships that resources have with one another, which require them to be started at an earlier point than other resources on a project.

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How to Build a Project Management Template from Scratch in Yoroflow?

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