The 5 Best Knowledgebase Software Platforms for 2022

What do we know about knowledge?

In the first shot, we know that “Knowledge is power!” But do we also know how to utilize this power for transformation? Accessing knowledge is a great thing to look at!

Unfortunately, this is among the finest challenges that every business fails to streamline. The ability to access the knowledge within is haunting every business. How do you help? Well, that’s why we have several knowledge base platforms in place. We just need to make use of them efficiently.

Before diving deep into it, have you ever wondered how construction management software could be of great help for your business? You no longer need to imagine!

Knowledge base software - An Overview

Well, let us understand it this way! A knowledge base or help center software is a platform that helps you to organize and streamline the self-service content targeting your prospects. It is mainly encompassed by Frequently Asked Questions, tutorials, and how-to articles. It helps you to streamline and troubleshoot the content for your prospects, and it saves time. They do not have to wait for the customer service rep to join them to get the issue resolved.

There are majorly two types of knowledge bases – internal and external. Internal generally want login credentials that would be accessible for information, whereas external ones are open-ended and are written for the public, making them openly accessible.

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What are some of the best knowledge base software?


How do you imagine self-service simplification in the best way possible? That’s what Yorodesk is meant for. It is an excellent helpdesk you can rely on for your best customer service. It is meant to resolve your customers’ issues instantly and easily. You just need to configure it well.
It presents you with an excellent way with a stunning knowledge base that includes the frequently asked questions from your prospect base. Those questions will be crafted into beautiful documents which can be shared with the clients or prospects when encountered. This, in a way, simplifies your way of handling your customer support much more easily.

What are the perks you enjoy?

  • Best help service software 
  • Simplify your customer support in the best way 
  • Easy-to-use platform 
  • Better user reliability and ease of usage 
  • Easily integrates with your existing system. You do not need to toggle between windows 
  • Save your rep cost and time 
  • Easy customer retention 
  • Experience better productivity within the team 
  • The knowledge base has a repository of information
  • Affordable pricing system 
  • Suitable for small, medium, and large businesses of any industries

The list does not end here. There are still a lot more in the chart.

Help Scout

It is a helpdesk software with a knowledge base that helps your customers to get access to the information they search for. Multiple texting options are also available within. Not just that, you can integrate with the chat icons and make your users redirect to the knowledge-sharing platform.

Document 360

Is a self-service platform in your chart? Then this is among the most preferred ones after Yorodesk. This is a standalone software platform and has a user-friendly platform like others.

Search capabilities are simple, and it has both internal and external knowledge base capabilities.

Not just that, Docuemnt360 also helps you with some extensive features like complete localization. IP restrictions and others with stunning analytical dashboards. But it is limited to projects, and small businesses may not be able to make the best out of it.


It is yet again another important helpdesk software supported by a knowledge base. It makes the creation process much simpler and more effective and helps you to collect customer feedback directly from the piece or collateral. Not just that, it helps you with team collaboration. When there are different people involved in the completion of a project, you can tag and get the correct updates at any given point in time with ease. However, it might be a little expensive when compared to others of the kind.


Again, this is also a standalone knowledge base software and relies on the design as well as the team collaboration perspectives. You get a good interface to use, a simple layout to follow, and more. It has some good features and revision history available for you to get the results aesthetically. Team collaboration is also an integral part of it.

So, What is the key takeaway!

Knowledge bases are a great form of additional benefits for your business. Helping you to serve your customers well with minimal issue resolution time. It helps you save the time and effort of your business representatives. The inbuilt documentation platform, which you can transform into an information repository, will help you to automate your customer service to a larger extent.
Not just that, it is an excellent way for you to do the ever-challenging customer service in the best way and deliver the best results.

Sounds interesting?