Best alternative suits SMEs to automate processes

Yoroflow is one of the most powerful alternatives for all small and medium enterprises


Task Boards

Yoroflow’s ( alternative) task board is defined as any visual aid, physical, digital board or not, designed to keep all tabs on a project. Collaborate with other users of your space by tracking work on a task board for effective task resolution.


Custom Automation

Yoroflow is a user-friendly management tool which allows custom automation utilized by customers of small to medium enterprises to create the business process automation at the right time of the interval without any requirement.


No-Code Integration

Yoroflow is a cloud-based no-code integration platform that helps non-technical persons to develop connectivity without software involvement. Our automation tool is the best alternative ever which comes all-in-one powerful integration software.

Code-Free Custom Automation

Using Yoroflow’s code-free custom automation, one can configure a process automation software to capture and interpret the tools and applications for manipulating data, processing a transaction, connecting with other digital systems, and triggering responses. Ensure optimal performance by getting systematic review of automation processes. 

Why Is Yoroflow Better Than Others?

Visualise Projects

All the workflows can be viewed in boards so anyone can easily visualize their projects which they want to create, use and share.  

Task Management

Handle the task life-cycle, track the overall activities from beginning to end, by using Yoroflow’s task management tool.  

Team Projects

Yoroflow aims to help teams organize their tasks effectively and manage their project work which helps deliver successful projects.

Build Bot

Yoroflow enables the integration tool like Build Bot which helps to test the cycle needed to validate project changes.

Customize Automation

Every SMEs faces different challenges on the road to automation, and Yoroflow allows you to customize your automation as per need.

Share Boards

Handle the task life-cycle, track the overall activities from beginning to end, by using Yoroflow’s task management tool.  

Comments & Chat 

Use a personalized chat and comments among your entire team by using Yoroflow’s communication and collaboration tool. 


Build and customize your forms (Public Form & Step Form) online so anyone can create a service request effectively.


Our workflow validation prevents complex flaws from implementing and resulting in an incomplete or unstable phase.

Share Boards

Users can share boards automatically to keep and share the updated status of task boards/cards with your team.

Import / Export Boards

Users can import and export the specific boards easily which have been saved already in the workflow application.


Create business workflow scripts as sub-tasks by demonstrating the workflow essential to finish the overall DB tasks.


Users can create a sub-status and mark the particular task with this newly created status. It reflects on your team to know the status.

Integrate Tools

Yoroflow contains powerful features and functionalities to produce automated tests with no issue for all the integrated tools.

Guest Users 

Users can add and set the new users called guest users. So, users can allow them to access workflows and some other processes.  

Privacy & Security

Users can set their privacy and security access by assigning it to other members or leave without sharing with anyone.

Why yoroflow?

How Flexible Is Yoroflow to Plan and Manage Remote Work?

Yoroflow is completely flexible because it helps automate the entire business processes that manage remote work effectively and produce a high value for your enterprise. Save time and reduce manual interruptions by customizing business processes as per your remote work requirements in Yoroflow.

How Is Yoroflow Best with Other Project Management Tools?

Yoroflow differs from other project management because it avoids coding needs so anyone can build a project. Add and edit tasks, fields, and functions by drag and drop tools. Users can build the project of their idea without debugging and technical assistance.

How Easy Is It to Automate Processes compared to

When compared, Yoroflow can skyrocket your business efficiency with its pocket-friendly no-code platform. Easily enhance your HR process, IT process, Sales, and Marketing process with Yoroflow’s powerful process automation solution. As your organization grows, Yoroflow will scale right alongside the business. 

Can I Integrate Yoroflow with Other Workplace Platforms?

At Yoroflow, we comprehend the increasing demand for digital workplace platform with low-code integration that is why Yoroflow comes with the capabilities of built-in workflow integration. Yoroflow allows third-party integration tools, automates the process, and handles it in a single platform. 


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