Citizen Development Deliver the Digital Innovation

Businesses are adopting the concept of citizen-developer teams at an increasing rate to save time and money. 

Who are Citizen Developers?

Citizen developers are individuals who use their skills and knowledge to create software for the public good. They provide free or low-code software that can be used by anyone. 

What is Citizen Development?

Citizen development is a term used to define the latest trend of businesses empowering
non-IT employees to connect with IT teams to
create business applications.

Accelerate the Execution

Reduce IT bottlenecks, save operating costs, and change the workplace by quickly creating your own apps.

Engage and Empower the Users

Rapidly develop the solution, and gain knowledge about the bottlenecks, leading to smart and better outcomes.

Boost Productivity and Innovation

Obtain empowered to create apps, permitting the IT department to focus on collaboration, and digital modernization.

Simple Scale Up

Knowing in and out of team-level processes, find better automation opportunities to support business scale-up.

Decrease Shadow IT

Build Agile and flexible applications tested by IT under a regulated framework, thereby decreasing shadow IT.

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Rise of Citizen Developers – How to Get Started in 2022?

One of the biggest trends in technology right now is the rise of Citizen Developers. Citizen Developers are developers who work with low code platforms. These platforms allow developers to make their applications using a limited set of programming tools.

How to Improve your Workflow Efficiency?

Efficiency is what you need in everything you do. When it comes to your team efficiency or business efficiency, you must rely on certain processes and procedures to ensure it in the best way possible. It will take you a long way forward as it helps you save more time and reduce your efforts.

How to Manage and Grow Your Small Business with Yoroflow?

If you’ve ever scraped by just to make it through the month, you’re probably in need of a little success trick to get your business shooting. One such software that must have made some people’s lives easier is Yoroflow – an AI-powered workflow automation tool