Transform your Customer Interactions with CRM Automation

Use and build your own CRM automation to do the manual task and repetitive task that steals selling time. As businesses grow, automation can help manage increased volumes of customer interactions and sales processes. 

Win Back Time with CRM Automation

YoroCRM with free templates to make engagement and retention easy. CRM automation in YoroCRM refers to the use of automation tools and features to streamline and optimize various customer relationship management (CRM) activities. 

Organize your customer data in one place

With a CRM, you can store, manage and analyze customer data such as contact information, sales history, and communication logs. This data can then be used to create a holistic view of each customer, which helps you understand their needs, preferences, and behavior. 

YoroCRM is a workflow automation tool for sales cadences. You can build a customized templates or cadence with email, text, phone and social touchpoints.  

Choose or refine product for an individual by analyzing details about the customer. YoroCRM enables corporations to attract, nurture and retain customers. 

The primary focus of YoroCRM is improving and managing customer relationships, revenue enhancement, differentiation, and developing the organization.

Essential features of a YoroCRM

Automation tools and features in YoroCRM can help users save time and improve efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and providing real-time insights and suggestions for sales reps to follow up on. 

Multiple Pipelines

Build multiple pipelines based on market segments, geographics, products, and customize them with the unique stages needed for any processes.

Sales Playbook

Sales Playbook in YoroCRM can streamline and automate recurring tasks. It incorporates your chosen sales methodologies and specific resources.

Invoice Management

In YoroCRM, you can create invoices directly from the sales order modules, accounts, deals, quotes, or payment procedures on the sales stage.  

Proposal Management

Create proposals from a deal directly in YoroCRM, and view all past proposals in a relevant list, with easy access to their status and details.  

Workspace Management

YoroCRM integrates seamlessly with Workspace to bring all your tasks, files, and emails together in single platform thus helps reduce manual work.