Build Lasting Relationships by an Integrated Customer Service Software

Offer a Unified Experience with Yorodesk’s Customer Service Software


Customer Journey Management

Increase customer retention rates and gain customer loyalty.

  • Achieve high-performance standards with a customer journey management system, a one-stop solution for all processes.  
  • Receive, track, resolve, and even reduce complaints with an integrated customer journey management software.  
  • Validate customer support operations and make smart decisions by collecting and analyzing agent analytics and help desk.


Automate Escalations & Task Assignment

Yorodesk escalation management stays on top of tickets that matter.

  • Yorodesk manages your ticket escalation based on pre-defined rules to get tickets automatically escalated.  
  • Automatically assign tasks to the right person by using custom ticket statuses defined as per priorities.  
  • Auto task assignment is a feature that helps you automate the task assigning process to the agents in a team.  

Customer support Software for Modern Teams

Well-informed customer service software can help you create lasting relationships with your customers. Yorodesk gives you the tools to know customer requirements and offers apt Support on time.

Yorodesk provides quick and faultless email support without choking your inboxes. Acquire complete control over replies to enhance support quality. Automatically sort calls and emails from channels.

Use informative reports to understand your team’s performance. Customizable dashboards help you track and boost your service using the metrics and get additional statistics in detail.

The product is a completely built-in multi-tenant cloud-based architecture, and customer data and files are logically segregated with a unique tenant ID. Hence, one customer never accesses some other data.

Yorodesk’s agent workspace offers tier-one customer service/support and helpdesk agents with a simple and modern UI, bringing together AI-assisted answers, history, and key metrics.

Transform all your data from various sources into cross-functional reports and analytics. Track KPIs, identify outliers, uncover hidden insights, and measure modern trends with Yorodesk’s customer support software.

Industries Served by Yorodesk

Yorodesk Powers Splendid Customer Service Across Industries


IT or ITES companies, with their tech-savvy customer base, require a highly responsive customer service team. This is why Yorodesk ticket software is essential for an all-sized software company.  


Finance and banking customers expect a high degree of data privacy and reliable, fast service. Offer personalized and quick support with Yorodesk, a secure and user-friendly customer service software.

Marketing & Sales

Yorodesk ticketing system lets you have complete control over your sales and marketing activities by creating and managing tickets for every cross-functional task. It helps you get quality support.


Yorodesk helps SaaS companies deliver professional services, product support, customer support, quality of services through its advanced features. It helps you to engage with partners and customers internally.