Deal Management

YoroCRM allows you to track deals through different stages of the sales pipeline, such as lead, prospect, quote, and closed/won or lost

Track and manage potential sales opportunities

Deal management in YoroCRM is an effective way to manage the sales process and increase the chances of closing deals, by providing a centralized and organized approach to tracking, managing and forecasting potential sales opportunities. 

Close more deals with the smart deal management software

Prioritizing, tracking, and monitoring deals in your sales pipeline are essential for great sales management. YoroCRM’s deal management software provides you with all the necessary tools to manage deals effectively, regardless of your sales structure or territory. 

sales pipeline is a visual representation of the process a company goes through to convert leads into sales.

The goal of each stage in the pipeline is to move qualified prospects closer and closer to becoming customers. 

Sales dashboards are a way for salespeople to track their progress and get an overview of the performance of their sales team. 

A dashboard is a software application that can be used to track business…

Sales pipeline is an important part of the sales process. It is a tool that helps sales representatives to organize and plan their activities. 

Sales pipeline helps in understanding the current status of a sale and also…