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The current pandemic has pushed every new business to explore new boundaries. With every employee confined in their homes, keeping the communication going between teams has been a challenge. But, thanks to all our collaboration software that allows us to chat, video conference, and create virtual digital workplaces for different teams to get together. Along with collaboration software, there is a rise in the need for other software that helps employees to work efficiently and allow organizations to track progress. This is where workflow automation software steals the show. Workflow automation platforms allow organizations to define their entire workflow in a digitized format, which is then used by employees to perform their routine tasks. With workflow automation platform, companies can track the amount of work performed by each employee, time taken to complete each task, bottlenecks in the process followed, and graphical overviews of the work status. Employees working from home are doing their best to complete their everyday tasks. Implementing digital workplaces in your company helps employees to cut down slack and track their work on the go. When you are choosing a workflow automation software to build or enhance your digital workplace, there are a few requirements that you might want to look for.

Track everyday employee performance 

Tracking your employee performance, especially when they are working from home, is a challenging task. A series of email threads, phone calls, and messages are usually required to communicate with the employees to know what they are working on. Once a work is done, the employee has to get back to the employer about the updates. To bypass all such round-about processes and implement a straight forward method, workflow automation software can be used. Workflow software in digital workplaces allows employees to provide live updates via the platform and the employer can stay informed of a task’s progress. This reduces the communication loops and increases the productive time spent on work.

Monitor team activities

Most work involves inter-team or intra-team dependencies. Collaborating with teams to ensure everyone is on the same page consumes a lot of time. However, if you define a workflow and assign different steps for each team, individual teams will take up their work, complete it, update the status, and let the task move to the next teams. A workflow automation software in the digital workplace ensures that the steps to finish a task is well known. The person who manages the team can also view the progress of individual employees using workflow automation software. This helps them gain a rough estimate of the completion time and also pinpoint where the delay occurs. Content tracking and updates also aid in a complete digital workplace.

Resolve customer tickets, defects, and bugs 

Customer is the king in every business. When your customer raises a ticket or files a defect, the time within which it gets resolved plays a very important role in company reliability and satisfaction for the customer. To monitor such requests from the customer, an automated platform will be of much help compared to manual follow-ups. Workflow automation software in digital workplaces logs the customer’s requests and also helps the company as well as the customer track the status of it. Workflow automation platforms are mostly equipped with automatic emails and notifications that keeps everyone informed of the progress.

Approve new gadgets and devices

With remote work being the new norm, if an employee’s gadget does not function, it ruins the whole productive time of the employee. Our IT teams are responsible for fixing the gadget issues. If your company is large with many employees, the number of such gadget requests raised by the employees will be pretty high to address and complete. To assist easy support for such problems, workflow automation platforms can be used to record each employee request and resolve each of it based on priority. This way, employees will also be able to track their requests and predict a turnaround time.

Graphical insights

Graphical stats assist companies to decide their performance in a defined timeline. The performance of a team, an individual employee, as well as external users, can be tracked using graphs and charts in workflow automation software. All digital workplaces must ensure that they have good software to generate weekly or monthly stats to stay informed of the updates, and predict the performance of the company. Graphs also allow companies to view bottlenecks and overcome the same by enhancing their workflows. Graphs provide an overall visibility into the process being carried out in companies.


Collaboration inside the workflow automation platform is a big plus as the users do not have to switch between multiple apps and navigate between multiple pages to chat with their team members. An in-built chat has a lot of advantages as it reduced the time and provides more productivity. Right when users are implementing workflows, they can collaborate with their teams or other users easily using a simple interface. This helps clear doubts easily and perform the task up to the mark, on time. Every digital workplace software requires collaboration software mandatorily to keep their employees in the same loop. A collaboration platform right inside a workflow automation platform is a big plus for all companies.

Integration with other workplace apps 

A few companies might already be using software products to aid digital workplace productivity. This includes project management software, defect management software, agile software, collaboration software, attendance and leave tracking software, travel software, complaint registration software, customer support ticketing software, and so on. To use a workflow automation software together with all of the above-mentioned software, integration between applications is required. This allows changes performed in one application to be automatically updated in other applications. Integration ensures that the data is one and the same across all applications and there is no discrepancy in the data maintained.
If you are looking to purchase workflow automation software for your digital workplace, make sure to look out for the above-mentioned features.

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