Need a HappyFox alternative?

Forget security issues and complicated functionalities. Adapt simplicity with Yorodesk – the Happyfox Alternative. Yorodesk tackles the usability problem with a highly intuitive and powerful interface.

A quick comparison of Yorodesk vs Happyfox

Easy to use and free of cost. Say bye to expensive and complicated helpdesk systems.

Core Features

Pro Plan


/ User

/ Month

Mighty Plan


/ User

/ Month

Unlimited Mailboxes
Unlimited Tickets
Customizable Labels
Automated Assignment
Social Ticketing & Calls
Unlimited Teams
Collision Detection
Knowledgebase / Articles
Kanban View of Tickets
SLA Reminder & Escalation
Multiple SLA's
SLA Live Timer
Custom Automation

Have you been fed up with your help desk software?

Multiple social media accounts? Simple! Many email inboxes? No issues. No add-ons or hidden costs like other helpdesk software. All-in-one helpdesk solution that gives better and faster customer support. 

Powerful HappyFox Alternative

Our helpdesk software not only helps you with an efficient ticketing system but may also assist you with a self-service feature if you want it to do so. It means you can create a great knowledge base out of it.  

Reasons why companies switch to Yorodesk?

Sign up for a free 7-day free trial of Yorodesk. If you are already using the HappyFox helpdesk solution, switching all your data from HappyFox is easy as a click. So, what are you waiting for? Migrate to Yorodesk from HappyFox right away!

Improved satisfaction

Yorodesk can help you keep track of your customers' interactions and responses and overall satisfaction with your customer support service.

Increased productivity

With Yorodesk's better evaluation and monitoring methods, you stand a chance of delivering better productivity in terms of customer service.

Full of useful features

One of the best features of Yorodesk's helpdesk software is its chat, SMS, and email support. You can use this feature to communicate with your customers directly.

Yorodesk Integration

Stay connected to your favourite applications and tools using Yorodesk’s integrations.  

The Pros and Cons of an IT Support Ticketing System

The customer is the center of every business. You serve the customers’ needs – to help them resolve a problem with the best solution. Now, as the other side of the coin, you also have to deal with customer complaints at some point in your business.

Top Features of Yorodesk Help Desk Software

Gone were the days when customer support was just seen as an option. Today, it is an inevitable part of every business. Your customers are the core of your business, and supporting them matters the most.

What Is Helpdesk Software? What you should know

Running a business is always challenging. But customers being at the core of your business should be met effectively. So how can you provide simple yet effective customer service to promote better retention?