Deliver Outstanding Support with Helpdesk Software

Empower Teams to Deliver Immense Experience, Automate Support for Recurring Issues, Get Real-time Insights and Ensure Customers Can Get Help Fast


Bridge Customers & Agents with Ease

Enforce customers and agents with flawless transitions and accessibility in their channel of choice at any point. Integrate various communicational experiences, including web, mobile, live chat, and contact center support. Yorodesk helps customers find solutions quickly. Set up AI-powered Yorodesk to efficiently bridge customers and agents effortlessly.

“The seamless association is possible when using feature-rich Yorodesk.” 


Stay Connected via Multiple Channels

With Yorodesk’s omnichannel dashboard, you stay connected and get a bird’s eye view of your team’s performance across multiple channels. If there is a point in the issues on a channel, you can re-route any issues to the agents who can guide and cover the additional load. You can chat queues or navigate the ticket queues right from Yorodesk omnichannel dashboard. 

“Deliver a great experience and stay connected across support channels.” 


Automate Your Support System

Yorodesk makes an automatic rule summary that looks like an intuitive workflow document. The simple form interface creates setting up automation easy and fast. When you want inputs from various teams, automation can alert, remind and bring tickets with dependencies to the proper attention of the concerned people at the right time.  

Yorodesk’s AI-powered automation helps you to streamline workflows. 

Omnichannel Helpdesk Ticketing System to Retain and Delight Customers

Improve customer happiness, boost agent productivity, and build loyalty with a cloud-based helpdesk software