Looking for a HelpDesk Alternative?

If you are looking for a HelpDesk alternative and want to see the differences and comparisons between HelpDesk and Yorodesk, then you have come to the right place.

A quick comparison of Yorodesk vs Helpdesk

Easy to use and free of cost. Say bye to expensive and complicated helpdesk systems.

Core Features

Pro Plan


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Team Plan


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Custom Branding
Multiple Mailboxes
Assign Roles
Automated Assignment
Social Ticketing
Collision Detection
Knowledgebase / Articles
Unlimited Tickets
Unlimited Teams
Multiple SLA's
SLA Reminder & Escalation
Custom Automation

Why is Yorodesk Better than Helpdesk?

Customers trust Yorodesk because it is user-friendly, gives incredible value, and makes collaboration smoother. Yorodesk is a 360° customer support platform whose capabilities surpass that of innovative ticketing software


Yorodesk customer service solution provides a secure, high-end encrypted server with free, automatic software upgrades to protect your data.

SLA Policy

Yorodesk's ticketing system helps you to create and manage guidelines for a better association between the customer and the service provider.

Canned Response

Yorodesk's canned responses are pre-formatted help desk email templates that allow support agents to respond quickly to customer issues.


You can create a knowledge base for your employees to access articles that facilitate the resolution of issues using Yordesk.


The omnichannel platform helps you streamline customer support tickets. It offers all the context you want to fix issues.

Knowledgebase Security

You can keep your data secure with roles such as Admin or Agents in Yorodesk. It allows you to select the specific user and launch permissions.

Authentication Methods

Yorodesk allows you to choose your authentication methods to sign in via Yoroflow account, Google, Microsoft, or Microsoft Azure.

Consolidated View

Yorodesk's consolidated view helps you view details like the total number of teams, users, and last logged-in user with date and time.

Choose Yorodesk and Manage Your Tickets at Ease

Yorodesk manages your ticket escalation based on pre-defined rules to get tickets automatically escalated. Well-informed customer service software can help you create lasting relationships with your customers.

How does HelpDesk Alternative Help Your Business?

Yorodesk is better utilized to deal with your customer tickets and provide support at the right time with less resolution to keep your customer happy. It helps you streamline your business operations regarding effective customer service.

Why Choose HelpDesk Alternative?

With Yorodesk, you can elevate your business to different heights by converting your customers into successful evangelists. Yorodesk’s ticketing software is a much-needed add-on for your business to satisfy your customers.


Stay connected to your favourite applications and tools using Yorodesk’s integrations.

How HelpDesk Software Supports Customers?

Customers interact with your business even after the sale is completed. It may continue even after the project is completed. Even when the customer visits your website till he is converted and beyond, the significance of a support system is always crucial in every part of your business.

What Is Helpdesk Software? What you should know

Running a business is always challenging. But customers being at the core of your business should be met effectively. So how can you provide simple yet effective customer service to promote better retention?

How can you retain your existing customer base and grow new loyal customers? 

What is a Ticketing System? Importance of Ticketing System

What is a Ticketing System? Importance of Ticketing System

This article gives you a primer on what they are, how the ticketing system is used, and why it is essential in the business world.
A help desk ticketing software is a computerized system that allows technicians to track and manage customer service requests & problems.