Automate Key HR Services Using HR Management Software

Manage Organization to Achieve Better Performance, Quickly Adapt to Changes, Nurture Employees, and Make HR Management Agile and Effective

Smart HR Workspace

Smart HR Workspace

Smart HR workplace uses HRMS automation tool to digitize the tasks and streamline the document process, assigned HR departments with high efficiency and time reduction while controlling the potential for manual mistakes. It permits to focus on critical tasks like strategizing, decision-making, and execution. 

Integrate & Improve Performance

Link the employee growth, performance evaluation, and rewards to encourage them. Our HR process management software will help the organization develop its efficiency and productivity. To improve performance, the organization must monitor the progress toward the performance goal.

Integrate Improve Performance

Get Started with Ready HRMS Automation Process

Applicant Management
Applicant management solution is an integrated software, and in case of recruiting an employee – transmit the qualification and other data directly to the applicant management software.
Attendance Management
Our unified attendance management software will help monitor the employee’s working hours, ensuring any violations. The main features – checking in/out, report, payroll, leave management, etc.
Leave Management
Yoroflow’s cloud-based and user-friendly leave management software help small, medium, and large-scale businesses. It helps streamline the leave management tasks, leave allocation, monitoring, maintaining, and accepting/rejecting leave, etc.
Performance Management
We followed a systematic approach to build a performance management software to measure the employee performance. It is a systematic process via which the company sets the goals, objectives, and mission with available sources.
Requirement Management
Document, analyze, track, and prioritize the needs and then managing change and connecting to relevant people through our requirement management software. The requirement is mandatory to which a task outcome has to confirm.

Industries We Focus


Our workflow management software drives the change in the IT/Software industry.  


We can be done effectively with our business workflow automation tool in the BPO industry.  


We can accelerate claims tasks by digitizing operations using our workflow solution. 


A single cloud-based platform to automate all your accounting and financial operations.  


Improve your business and increase your sales with our workflow automation in retail.