Integrate Your App


Convert emails into action items automatically to oversee inside Yoroflow board.


Attach, preview, and share files saved in your Dropbox easily inside Yoroflow.


Collect new leads and manage your email campaigns within a Yoroflow effectively.

Microsoft Teams

Embed your task boards in your Microsoft Teams to improve workflow potential.

Adobe PDF

Edit and visualize the document by overseeing your workflows directly in Adobe PDF.


Share the data and update Slack files in all channels directly within the Yoroflow.


View any Trello cards automatically given back as a new item on the Yoroflow board.


Create customized messages, add calls and SMS notifications to your workflow.

Google Drive

Attach, preview, and access files saved in your Google Drive from Yoroflow board.


Create custom integrations among available Zapier platforms and the Yoroflow board.


Manage your entire contacts and leads in Yoroflow to ensure your collaboration.

Facebook Ads

Add the information you want to check on your boards to manage your Facebook ads.


Integrate your unified workspace with any other CRM tools by using Yoroflow

Twitter Ads

Yoroflow supports re-engagement campaigns by integrating with Twitter Ads.


Yoroflow allows enterprises a boost with any apps that integrate with Intuit.

Google Docs

Create workflows and automate emails using Google Docs integration in Yoroflow.

Amazon SNS

Coordinate and oversee message delivery within the Yoroflow task board.


Connect various business applications to keep information through Quickbooks.

Google Sheet

Make an easy-to-access database to check insights through Google Sheet integration.

Google Analytics

Track and understand user’s behavior, device functionality, and user experience.


Test and share crucial insights into messaging for better engagement inside Yoroflow.


Make it easy and fast for enterprises to delight both employees and customers.


Moving your up-to-date data from Airtable into Yoroflow is easy.


Get team control and visibility over all projects and tasks within Yoroflow.

Connect Your Processes, Tools, and People

Yoroflow allows you to bridge the apps you use every day