The Best Alternative to JIRA

Yoroproject is a Cloud-based Project Management Solution Made for Teams Who Need to Work Perfectly and Track Multiple Tasks

A quick comparison of
Yoroproject vs Jira

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Core Features


$600 USD

/ 1-10 Users

/ Month

Billed Annually


$750 USD

/ 1-10 Users

/ Month

Billed Annually

Unlimited Users
Multiple Projects
Custom Forms
Gantt Chart Across Boards
Unlimited Dashboards
Dependencies Across Boards
Time-Tracking across Projects
Task Managment
Built-In Docs
Nested Sub-Tasks
Automation accross projects

Why choose Yoroproject over Jira?

Our built-in customization features permit each team member to design a personalized dashboard and lots of control things such as workflows and processes. Yoroproject also gives customization options, which is just standard among project management software in its class. 

Resource Management

Resource management template filters out resources such that it shows the closest match between the task and resource so the perfect skill set is deployed. 

Bug Tracking

Yoroproject’s bug tracking template captures, reports, controls, and manages information on bugs that occur in a product/project.


Yoroproject gives many third-party integrations to help you enlarge the capabilities. A single platform that can accommodate all your favorite business apps. 

User Role Management 

You can set up user roles in Yoroproject so that you can remove and assign permissions for any users and groups without any hassles. 

Time Tracking

Write rules and automate assigning tasks and unassigning tasks to a team or for a specific user in few clicks with the help of Yoroproject.

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