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Task Boards

Task board defines as any visual aid, physical, digital board or not, designed to keep all tabs on a project. Collaborate with other users of your space by tracking work on a task board for effective task resolution. Enrich collaboration by adding content to tasks. So, users have all the data that they want. You can notify every member of the space by making new tasks, adding checklists, and updating the status of the existing item.

Features of Task Management with Boards

Get an instant overview of task management using Agile boards. Keep every task in clear sight with its features!
Visualize Workflows
Workflow is a set of characteristic steps that products or tasks go through from beginning to end. You can visualize your process in a couple of steps with Yoroflow then you may get surprised.
Task Cards
Task cards are a simple way to assign tasks to each page and department inside a project. Permit you to keep all involved in the production accountable by tracking progress.
File Sharing
File sharing helps improve your productivity, and anyone can automate multiple routine file-oriented activities. File sharing automation can assist you in real-time and can be updated continuously.
Team Collaboration
Flawless workflow integration seems that whatever customization needs to implement on your business workflow automation software, it does without consequences.
Team Tasks
Team task establishes constructive working relationships between team members. Yoroflow composes maintenance abilities and behaviours of team tasks. So, team processes are maintained without hassle.
Team Projects
Team project workflow is the set of ordering team tasks and their activities among key milestones into a meaningful and efficient sequence. Project workflow refers to the stages that want to complete tasks.
Multiple Projects
Easily manage an environment in which teammates are involved on multiple projects simultaneously. So, management can deal with many projects of various sizes and deadlines with a shared resource pool.
Analytics and Reports
Check and view detailed analytics and reports created on the Scrum task board or for a particular task. Filter the details by user or type of update. You can compare the task value side-by-side before and after the update.

Kanban Boards 

Kanban board is an effective project management tool developed to help limit work-in-progress, visualize work, and increase flow. Yoroflow establishes order in day-to-day work. Kanban boards use columns, cards, and consistent development to help teams commit to all the work. 

Yoroflow For Team's

Project Management

Achieve all the project mission and visions within the provided constraints using Yoroflow’s project management tool. It leads the teamwork to achieve project goals successfully. 

Human Resource 

Smart HR workplace tool to digitize the tasks and streamline the document process, assigned HR departments with high efficiency and time reduction. 

Sales & Marketing

Establish the needs of sales and marketing through automation, personalize promoting notifications in the process saves time and effort for the sales & marketing experts. 

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