Create the Perfect Agile Workflow with Board View

Visualize your progress on online Kanban boards and view your team move projects from to-do to completed. Create and manage digital Kanban board software with Yoroproject.

Group your Boards your way

Yoroproject’s kanban board is an agile project management tool built to help visualize tasks, limit work-in-progress, group your boards, and increase efficiency.

Track Multiple boards in One View

With our latest feature called Multiple boards in one View, Yoroproject gives you the freedom to track your multiple boards in the most flexible way you can imagine. 

Drag and Drop to Create Custom Workflows

Drag and drop Kanban cards from one phase to another to help team members visualize where every task stands. Create custom workflows and request forms in a couple of steps. 

Automate Boards based on the performance

Runtime policies in Yoroproject allow you to automate boards based on the performance and set up scenarios based on your tasks. Boost your business production today.

5 Best Kanban Board Software & Tools in 2022

Then you must use an agile system to track the efficiencies and take your operations on the right track. A Kanban board is an inevitable part of your business strategy and operation to take you through the right insights.

Kanban Boards: Professional Guide

Kanban Board is a kind of agile project management tool developed to increase flow, limit work-in-progress, and visualize work. Kanban board enables you to optimize the workflow that helps you to boost productivity and promote focus.

How to Grow Your Business with Project Management Software?

How to Grow Your Business with Project Management Software?

Project management software is not a new idea, but it has received increased attention lately. There are several reasons for this: the cost of human…