Promote Self-Service and Build FAQ Pages with Knowledgebase Software

Arm Your Customers and Agents with the Integrated Software to Find Quick Response  


Create Knowledgebase in mins

Create a centralized data repository with knowledgebase templates.

  • Yorodesk’s knowledgebase software enables your customers to find answers for common questions by referring to the knowledge base FAQ and articles.  
  • Also, you can create a knowledge base for your employees to access articles that facilitate the resolution of issues.  
  • By creating a self-service portal, you can compile answers for FAQs instead of answering the same queries.


Articles & Guides

Create help documents in the form of articles and guides from a single panel.

  • Save time by building templates for multiple solution articles such as FAQs, user guides, how-to with formatted content.  
  • Convert ticket responses into solution articles and guides in a couple of clicks.  
  • Collaborate with teammates for article feedback and reviews.

Highly-Efficient Knowledgebase Software

Launch a customized, exhaustive knowledge base in mins using Yoro Desk, simple and flexible software that enables the creation and management of solution content.

If you need to give your customers a scalable form of help while being flexible and efficient with your resources, a self-service knowledge base is perfect. And this is where Yoro Desk can be at your service.  

Yoro Desk offers a rich text editor. It will have a wider range of formatting choices, allowing you to reply better and structure your content, and it will be simpler to make and use than a solution with a plain text editor.  

Yoro Desk’s knowledgebase software provides a more structured index. It enables an auto-suggest feature that helps customers as they guide themselves. You can make it easy to share it over social media platforms.  

A knowledge base assists customers in finding quick resolutions regardless of the time. It is the smart investment you can create to deliver 24/7 support if your team operates within business hours.

Yoro Desk’s knowledgebase tool provides a mix of multilingual capabilities that can help you offer a powerful customer support experience to your customers, regardless of their language.

Industries Served by Yorodesk

Yorodesk Powers Splendid Customer Service Across Industries


IT or ITES companies, with their tech-savvy customer base, require a highly responsive customer service team. This is why Yorodesk ticket software is essential for an all-sized software company.  


Finance and banking customers expect a high degree of data privacy and reliable, fast service. Offer personalized and quick support with Yorodesk, a secure and user-friendly customer service software.

Marketing & Sales

Yorodesk ticketing system lets you have complete control over your sales and marketing activities by creating and managing tickets for every cross-functional task. It helps you get quality support.


Yorodesk helps SaaS companies deliver professional services, product support, customer support, quality of services through its advanced features. It helps you to engage with partners and customers internally.