Don't Miss Out on the Benefits of Marketing Automation

Manage your marketing activities across various channels, generate more leads, and convert them to clients. Marketing automation can benefit businesses of all sizes by helping to increase conversions, improve customer engagement, and drive revenue growth. 

Marketing Automation Tool for Faster Business Development

Drive the real revenue growth with the most modern CRM solution. YoroCRM allows businesses to more effectively target and engage with potential and existing customers, as well as measure and analyze the success of their marketing efforts. 

Use the power of marketing automation

With YoroCRM, businesses can create targeted campaigns, track and analyze customer interactions, and make data-driven decisions to improve their marketing strategies. Additionally, YoroCRM can integrate with other marketing tools, to provide a comprehensive view of marketing performance.

The campaign module in YoroCRM helps you plan your marketing strategies, build and monitor marketing campaigns in your business.  

You can get closer to understanding the actual needs and qualifications of your incoming leads by tracking conversions with YoroCRM.

Generate full-fledged reports from scratch. YoroCRM’s easy-to-use visual builder makes building precise and complex reports and analytics a breeze.  

Essential features of a YoroCRM

YoroCRM offers marketing automation features that allow businesses to automate repetitive tasks and streamline their marketing efforts. Some of the features include lead scoring, email marketing, marketing campaigns, and lead nurturing.

Campaign Management

YoroCRM campaign management gives you the power to run marketing campaigns from your CRM and track your success.  

Web Forms

YoroCRM web forms simplify the process of capturing users or visitors' information from your website into your CRM system.

Lead Nurturing

Nurture leads with YoroCRM and achieve a high conversion rate. It helps you follow up with leads and build relationships.  

Lists & Segments

Customer lists and segments in YoroCRM improves your email marketing with a lot of relevant personalization techniques.  

API Integration

Use YoroCRM’s APIs to build custom solutions to your requirements and integrate any third-party applications seamlessly.