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Multiple Projects
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Why Yoroproject is the best?

Yoroproject is a simple interface that facilitates your tasks from anywhere. Our comprehensive set of features is sure to offer you with a complete project management experience through our one-stop solution.

Agile & SCRUM Boards

Schedule works for your team, and make user stories for upcoming sprints by using an all-in-one Scrum & Agile board that is sharable easily. 

Portfolio Management

Yoroproject’s project portfolio management software enables leaders to project portfolios, prioritize work, empower teams, and focus resources to deliver. 

Interactive Dashboards

Yoroproject’s interactive dashboard displays visual data, and its home page can be fully customized as per your need by adding a new dashboard and organizing widgets. 

Dynamic Scheduling

Yoroproject is useful for planning and scheduling tasks dynamically. Also, it is useful for monitoring the progress of a project once it’s underway.

Project Resources

Resource management template filters out resources such that it shows the closest match between the task and resource so the perfect skill set is deployed. 

SCRUM Planning Template

A Guide to Agile SCRUM Planning Template

Scrum Management encourages excellent communication among team members and a few disciplines within the project, allowing self-organizing groups to emerge. However, the Scrum planning template creation for project management depends on these basic principles.

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