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Yoroproject vs Monday Project

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Core Features

Business Plan

$5 USD

/ User

/ Month

Billed Annually

Unlimited Plan

$9 USD

/ User

/ Month

Billed Annually

Unlimited Max no of Users
Unlimited Tasks
Unlimited Docs
Cloud Storage

5 GB

5 GB

Unlimited Dashboards
Dependencies & Related Tasks
Time-Tracking across Projects
Multiple Task Views
Planned Vs Actual Analysis
Custom Automations

Why is Yoroproject one of the best alternatives to Monday Project?

Yoroproject is a simple interface that facilitates your tasks from anywhere. Our comprehensive set of features is sure to offer you with a complete project management experience through our one-stop solution.  

Customizable Task Dependencies

In Yoroproject, team get a bird’s eye view of customizable task dependencies with details like dependency type, backlog, task owners, due date, and more. 

Simplified Tracking

Yoroproject online time tracking feature helps to record time spent on multiple tasks, generate different invoices, adjust schedules, and bill clients. 

Economical Pricing Plans 

Yoroproject starts with a plan that is free anytime. Whatever your business, we have a reasonable plan that’s just right for you! 7-day free trial. No credit card required.

Expansive Integrations

Yoroproject gives many third-party integrations to help you enlarge the capabilities. A single platform that can accommodate all your favorite business apps. 

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Yoroproject’s project portfolio management software enables leaders to project portfolios, prioritize work, empower teams, and focus resources to deliver. 

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