Multiple Pipelines

Multiple pipelines allow businesses to track and manage different types of deals,
such as new deals, renewals, or upsells

Identify and prioritize the most valuable leads

Create multiple pipelines for different sales processes, customizing the stages, probability and expected revenue for each. You can also assign different teams, sales reps and managers to each pipeline, and track their progress separately. 

Multiple Sales Pipeline in YoroCRM

By using the multiple sales pipeline feature in YoroCRM, businesses can more effectively manage their sales process for different products or customer segments, and gain a deeper understanding of their overall sales performance. 

sales pipeline is a visual representation of the process a company goes through to convert leads into sales. 

The goal of each stage in the pipeline is to move qualified prospects closer and closer to becoming customers…

Sales pipeline is an important part of the sales process. It is a tool that helps sales representatives to organize and plan their activities. 

Sales pipeline helps in understanding the current status of a sale and…

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system that allows organizations to track and manage customer interactions. CRM software can be used by companies to identify potential customers, create a customer profile…