Empower your Support Team with a Modern Omni-Channel Solution

Yorodesk’s Omni-Channel Solution Engages with Customers Across Channels 


Multiple Channel Ticketing

The omnichannel platform helps you streamline customer support tickets.

  • Yorodesk’s omnichannel solution offers all the context you want to fix issues.  
  • Also, it allows you to prioritize, assign, track, and automate routine support tasks.  
  • It helps gather support tickets from multiple channels and manages them in a single interface so that agents can reply faster and stay organized.  


24/7 Support

Customers can get their issues resolved anytime and reduce wait time. 

  • Post tips, ask questions and even reply to each via community forms.  
  • Stay updated on new product changes and new features.  
  • Check the statistics of Yorodesk’s operations and subscribe to alerts on status changes.

Omni-Channel Customer Service Ticketing System

User-friendly and advanced features set Yoro Desk apart as one of the best ticketing platforms available. Take a 7-days free trial of the industry's leading online omnichannel solution!

Your customer emails are pulled into a simple interface inside your ticketing software, building it faster to respond. An omnichannel system is instantly valuable to manage customer service emails across different email addresses.

Our omnichannel customer service software allows you to use call/voice support, which means you can make and receive calls from within the helpdesk. Also, you can log and record these calls, then change them into tickets. 

Chatting with all customers can help you give timely, understand their concerns better, personalized help. If the issue needs proper attention, the support ticketing software makes it simple to convert live chats into tickets.

You can view and oversee customer communication through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can reply to posts from an omnichannel solution and even set keyword notifications, so you never miss tweets.  

Yoro Desk lets you embed a customizable form widget on your website. Customers can fill out a form with the information they want and submit their queries, which will automatically be turned into support tickets within the software. 

Industries Served by Yorodesk

Yorodesk Powers Splendid Customer Service Across Industries


IT or ITES companies, with their tech-savvy customer base, require a highly responsive customer service team. This is why Yorodesk ticket software is essential for an all-sized software company.  


Finance and banking customers expect a high degree of data privacy and reliable, fast service. Offer personalized and quick support with Yorodesk, a secure and user-friendly customer service software.

Marketing & Sales

Yorodesk ticketing system lets you have complete control over your sales and marketing activities by creating and managing tickets for every cross-functional task. It helps you get quality support.


Yorodesk helps SaaS companies deliver professional services, product support, customer support, quality of services through its advanced features. It helps you to engage with partners and customers internally.