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Secure Your Data with Personal Cloud Storage and Easily Access It from Any Device  

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Cloud Storage

Want more storage space? YoroDrive has a range of online cloud storage solutions that will provide you with the right amount of storage space – no matter how much you require.


When it comes to collaboration, easy file sharing is an important feature. YoroDrive allows you to share them fast and to have control. You can restrict unauthorized access when sharing.  


Work safer. Automatic data backups prevent deletions and unintended changes and store past work versions. You can also back up devices to protect against outages.

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File Sharing and Storing Made Simple

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Shared Folders

Shared folders can automatically sync to every person’s device, or you can access them via mobile app or web. YoroDrive is a more convenient and quick way to share folders.

Create Links

Create and share links from anywhere, using a computer, tablet, or mobile. Link sharing with YoroDrive is quick and straightforward. You can send anything smoothly by just sharing a link.  

Recycle Bin

Don’t panic if the file goes missing. YoroDrive offers a recycle bin or trash folder that holds deleted files. To recover deleted data from an online storage site is simple, with no risk.