Ensures Better Collaboration and Remote Work Experience During this COVID-19 WFH Situation.

June 24, 2021 – VA, USA – As remote work turns into the norm for enterprises, many start-ups are left learning about the trend of remote work on the job. Learning how to oversee the team and keep tasks moving toward is not easy.

“Recent survey says, 73% employees feel their remote work productivity has gone up successfully.”

When the unexpected occurs, be ready!

Yoroflow: https://www.yoroflow.com/ – a no-code workflow management platform launches its flexible remote work software to bring out the best work from the home team.

Yoroflow has put together three products with its free customizable templates that will get the team up and running in few hours for most cases. By perfectly framing projects, schedules, and controlling ownership – the entire team will be coordinating and remote work experience be better than ever.

“Microsoft’s Remote Trend Index Reports that 66 percent of business decision makers are considering redesigning physical spaces to better accommodate hybrid-remote work environments”

Optimize communication, get visibility, enhance execution, centralize connectivity around projects and workflows through Yoroflow’s ready-to-use collaborative tool.

Yoroflow has launched three automation products to overcome the operational challenges of work from home. Mainly, they built for Human resources, Marketing & Sales, and Project Management processes.

“Gartner Survey Finds 90% Of HR Leaders Will Allow Employees to Work Remotely Even After COVID-19 Vaccine Is Available”

Hiring in the time of this pandemic should not, and cannot, pause. But, hiring new candidates can be tough to learn. During the second wave of COVID-19, Yoroflow’s HR template will get new candidates connected in no time. Yoroflow has created ready-to-use customizable HR templates such as applicant tracking, leave management, recruitment tracking, and more.

Staying on top of competitors in a high-risk situation is any enterprise’s top priority. With Yoroflow’s marketing and sales template, the enterprise can track leads who could be qualified to ensure they make the best lead conversion. Update contact details, conversion rates, and more with the templates like lead management, sales pipeline, event planning, etc.

With new rules and restrictions coming in all the time, it’s very significant to manage projects consistently across the team. Project management will permit a team to put all tasks into ensuring its deadline. The project management templates launched in Yoroflow are task management, bug tracking, work from home, and more.

Learning how to be a part of a team effectively is a competence that takes time to master. However, utilizing the above templates, the enterprise can get tasks and teams synced and drive to produce your great work, even remote work.