Digital Procurement Management Software


Supplier Management

With a central dashboard of every supplier’s activity, you can view any details instantly regarding suppliers. Streamline all data processes for increased supplier relationships and collaboration. Onboard suppliers with flexible registration rules that can manage category-based supplier needs.


Intelligent eSourcing

Centralize all requests by moving the activity of sourcing out of email inboxes to build structured data and streamline request management through eSourcing. View supplier responses and bids in minutes with Yoroflow’s user-friendly procurement management tool made for sourcing.

Procurement groups upgrade through a procurement management solution

Supplier Relationships

Turn into a customer of choice for all your suppliers.

Risk                  Mitigation

Acquire 100% spend visibility with the audit trails.

Operational Efficiency

Automate your procurement tasks and save time.

Cost                 Reduction

Achieve cost savings, and consolidate overall spending.


Smart Spend Analytics

Procurement information presents concisely to drive perfect and actionable insights. Track orders, deliver quality, compliance, and other metrics on vendor performance. Generate quick and detailed reports with customizable parameters for the actionable insights you require.

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