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Automate projects to save time

Save your time on routine works. Whether you have an easy or complex workflow process, Yoroflow’s online PM software has a simple drag-and-drop interface that builds new automation easier to visualize your project workflow and deploy. Fully automate your tasks to suit your requirements.


Track your team’s progress better

To monitor project status, manage and control all your project resources, use Yoroflow’s manager-friendly project management software. Yoroflow’s online project tracker comes with all essential and advanced features like custom dashboard visibility, team tracking, real-time insights, and Gantt timelines etc.  


Scrum Boards

The scrum framework empowers software teams to manage difficult projects by building a collaboration culture. The Yoroflow scrum board is the tool that connects teams around a goal and promotes incremental, repetitive delivery.



Yoroflow dashboard is an effective way of managing reports into a single place to have instant insight into a key metric. Yoroflow Analytics gives an intuitive and simple drag and drops interface for building dashboards in minutes.


Document Collaboration

In Yoro Docs, you and your team can work collaboratively on a document in real-time, where all the shared users can modify at the same time collaboratively. Collaborate on tasks with your team whether at the office or remote work.

Plan smarter, execute better

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