Recruitment Tracking Template

Hire The Best Talent & Get a Fast and Detail View of All Your Candidate 

Recruitment Tracking Template

Benefits of Recruitment Tracking Template


If there is an update in the hiring process, this recruitment tracker template moves the item automatically, builds a new board, sends out alerts, changes the deadline, and more.

Smart Job Posting

Share your job postings automatically to different and great job portals in minutes. There is no need to wait for a long time to post many jobs in an HR cloud job posting template.

Know the Recruitment Status

You can quickly sort the details of candidates to view their status in the hiring process with a simple click and make sure all is on proper planning.

Simple Import and Export

Import your recruitment management template easily and export the template to Excel with a couple of clicks – turn it into a Yoroflow recruitment tracking board in just one step.

Free Customization

Include your action items, reorder-oriented preferences, and make a customized plan to fit your requirements. You can customize anything in the template as per your need.

Powerful Integration

Yoroflow will link you to multiple tools you will need so you won’t have to move between third parties to the information you want. You make sure that the data included is accurate. 

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