Reporting Software

Report analytics workplace automation tools allow organizations to simplify business operations.


Explore the Yoroflow Dashboard features to gain more insights quickly into the key aspects of your information. 


Add multiple task board dashboards for workflows by adding widgets and generate reports within a few clicks. 


Yoroflow’s budget tracker template will help you manage your daily, monthly, and yearly budget. 

Resource Management 

Resource management template filters out resources such that it shows the closest match between the task and resource.

Sprint Reports

Sprint reports in Yoroflow enable you to measure the overall statistics for showing day-wise reports over time. 

Custom Reports

Creating custom reports in Yoroflow offers access to the exact data while enabling the users to connect through functionalities. 

Time Tracking

Our time tracking feature helps to record time spent on multiple tasks, generate invoices, and adjust schedules. 

Work Logs

Make use of Yoroflow’s work log to keep track of your team’s activity. It offers all of a board’s activities in one list.