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Become More Proficient By Making a Data-Driven Culture With Yoroflow’s BPM Reports and Analytics


Yoroflow is the best framework for data-driven automation testing permits storing of the test information in the required format. It helps you run a similar way of automated tests with a piece of multiple-input from an external data source. Our report analytics workplace solution enables organizations to test and organize their data to better serving their users.  organizations to test and organize their data to better serving their users.   

Custom Reports

Our automated custom report is a user-friendly management tool utilized by customers to create and share the business reports at the right time of the interval without any requirement. Need not update the data every time. Those updates can be done in real-time using an automated custom reporting tool. 

Digital Workplace Analytics

Simplified Reports
Our report analytics workplace automation tools allow organizations to simplify their business operations, extract the data, save them money and time. It helps to provide a better service to customers and a better experience to the employees.
Graphical Insights
Yoroflow is the embedded BPA report analytics workplace platform that produces actionable business knowledge and intelligence. Generates graphical dashboard, makes a single data source and gets ROI analysis through automation tool.
Real-Time Tracking
Our real-time automated tracking tool completely avoids the need to maintain timings or manually updates data. It also helps to extract accurate recordings of your day-to-day tasks for professionals in the background.

Industries We Focus


Our workflow management software drives the change in the IT/Software industry.  


We can be done effectively with our business workflow automation tool in the BPO industry.  


We can accelerate claims tasks by digitizing operations using our workflow solution. 


A single cloud-based platform to automate all your accounting and financial operations.  


Improve your business and increase your sales with our workflow automation in retail.   


Our business workflow automation can help you to automate your hospitality services.  


Reduce the manual entry in shipments and assign multiple tasks using our software.


Streamline the daily tasks and get plenty of benefits from our workflow automation.   

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