Robotic Process Automation Helps To Automate Routine Tasks And Improve Quality

Use Yoroflow’s RPA Software to Streamline Internal Processes and Enable Better Insights into Business Trends and Opportunities 

Automation Studio

Yoroflow is a unified business process automation platform for end-to-end high-scale robotic process automation. Manage the overall automation lifecycle, develop your automation community, and oversee the initiatives of your RPA at scale with Yoroflow  Automation Hub. Yoroflow provides solutions for organizations to automate repetitive tasks for quick business transformation. It transforms multiple iterative tasks into an automation process using RPA tools. 

Features of Automation Hub

Build Custom Bots To Manage All Your Repetitive Tasks Using Automation Hub Features

Yoroflow is a no-code business process automation platform that enables you to complete your processes faster. Build your customized templates with our visual form builder.
Event Automation
Event automation enables you to automate the overall event management process right from the beginning to end. Yoroflow event automation comes in different categories.
Task Automation
Yoroflow lets you create portals, rules, actions, shareable forms that all can use to build requests for your team and include information in the process via task automation.
Customize & Personalize
Every organization faces different challenges on the road to automation, and the Yoroflow customized and personalized RPA software helps businesses get there.
Save Time
Not only does the automation hub collect, analyze data, and improve business processes, it actually helps you save a massive amount of time.
Real-Time Updates
RPA tool completely avoids the need to maintain timings or manually updates data and helps to extract accurate recordings of your day-to-day tasks for professionals.

Customize Automation

Yoroflow is the perfect solution for Robotic Process Automation and customization. We help industries to customize their automation as per the business needs. Yoroflow Automation Hub saves your customized automation, or else you can use the existing automation you want to customize. 

Yoroflow For Team's

Project Management

Achieve all the project mission and visions within the provided constraints using Yoroflow’s project management tool. It leads the teamwork to achieve project goals successfully. 

Human Resource 

Smart HR workplace tool to digitize the tasks and streamline the document process, assigned HR departments with high efficiency and time reduction. 

Sales & Marketing

Establish the needs of sales and marketing through automation, personalize promoting notifications in the process saves time and effort for the sales & marketing experts. 

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