Unified CRM Automation Tool to Shorten Your Sales Cycles

Drive Sales Productivity by Offering Everything You Need to Sell Smarter, Acquire New Clients and Grow Your Sales Force with the Best CRM Automation

Automate Campaigns

Plan, execute, track, analysis of a sales and marketing initiative through our CRM automation tool. We will help businesses oversee the different perspectives of campaign automation. Yoroflow marketing automation software enables launching, planning, coordinating, and tracking all marketing campaigns.   

Concentrate on Prospects

Using marketing automation softwaremarketers can engage with customers and improve prospects. Manage all the interactions of the company/business with prospective customers. Anticipate customers with understanding what they are interested in that.  

Get Started with Powered Marketing Process

Campaigns Management
Get a unified CRM automation tool to launch a successful marketing campaign. It leads to effective conversations. As a result, lead time for marketing campaign rollouts will get reduced.
Events Planning & Management
Yoroflow events planning and management software is a complete automation tool. It helps event managers drive triumph through all perspectives of their events.
Lead Generation
Build awareness about business/company, reach out to targeted users, identify qualified leads, and finding potential clients with our marketing automation software for products and services.
Assign & Track Team Tasks
Assign and track team tasks with our simplified task management solution. It will help in creating projects, assigning tasks, setting on-time reminders, getting accurate reports & analytics. So, business owners can evaluate the efficiency of each employee.
Connect with Prospects
Our CRM automation tool can benefit the company/business by assisting you to focus, optimize, and smooth-out interactions with clients. It helps become better in customer retention, segmentation, and speedier connection.
Sales Pipeline Management
Designate a process of manage, and maintain future sales in different stages with the Yoroflow automation tools anywhere. Sales pipeline management permits you to answer some questions and configure a pipeline.
Customer Support Management
Using our customer support management software, business owners automate data entry for consistency, share data in real-time, increase accountability, reduce cost, and scale business more effectively.

Industries We Focus


Our workflow management software drives the change in the IT/Software industry.  


We can be done effectively with our business workflow automation tool in the BPO industry.