Sales Orchestration

Automate the process of organizing and recording financial insights like sales, purchases, and payments in the organization 

Experience the Benefits of YoroCRM Today

Connect disparate information systems to activate your sales team, improve your sales efficiency and productivity with YoroCRM 

There are many pre-build pipeline templates available that you can adopt, but the YoroCRM pipeline for your business will be specially build for you from the group up.

Track all your team’s activities, like meetings and calls, in one place to monitor their performance, understand their capacity, track every progress, and plan ahead.

Set the close probability and deal value, then leverage reports to track sales forecast vs. actual sales, and drill down forecast by sales rep, week, month, year, and more.

Essential features of a YoroCRM

YoroCRM offers a variety of features and tools to help users manage and optimize their sales activities, such as lead scoring, automated workflow rules, and real-time analytics. Additionally, YoroCRM integrates with other third-party tools to provide users with a comprehensive sales orchestration platform. 

Contact Management

Create unique profiles, organize contact information with comprehensive tracking, and streamline data collecting with automated actions.  

Account Management

YoroCRM offers range of templates to manage account information of customers inside your CRM. This makes it easy for sales people.

Lead Management

With YoroCRM’s fast-tracked workflow, sales people or sales reps can track, qualify, and nurture leads all through all-in-one platform.  

Deal Management

YoroCRM gives you the option to tailor stages to fit your sales process with a simple drag-and-drop interface for deal management.

Activity Management

Activity management in YoroCRM is used to manage the activities assigned to teams in an organization. It helps you to prioritize your day.