Improve Help Desk Performance Using Yorodesk's SLA Software

Measure, Monitor, and Report your Service Level Agreements (SLA)


Set Strict SLA

Customer is one of the highly quantifiable activities. When giving customer support, you need to provide the right service targets and ensure your customers never sit and twiddle their thumbs while taking your own convenient time to respond. Yorodesk’s SLA monitoring software helps you quantify your customer support by setting and splitting strict SLA into 5 places. 


Prioritize Tickets

You can create SLA policies in different types for different types of tickets. Also, it’s good practice to set SLA targets as per customers’ needs. For instance, you can set VIP customers or shorter SLA targets. Your agents will prompt you to prioritize tickets that might likely encounter an SLA breach based on the SLA targets. It helps to decide which tickets require immediate attention.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction with SLA Software

Yorodesk SLA monitoring tools make it easy to delight all your customers effortlessly

SLAs are time-specific, ensuring customers that the service offered is within a time limit. So, agents are consistent with solving tickets within business hours. SLAs allow agents to meet a customer’s service expectations.

You can create your SLA by priority view. You can add priority in the “Group” option and view SALa based on priority by adding the SLA filter. You can select a layout for this view with Yorodesk’s standard view.

Tagging lets users filter the SLA’s view to a subset of the total number of SLAs. With tagging, every view has a separate SLA subset. With some SLAs to monitor, the performance of users improves.

In Yorodesk, you can apply any SLA policies to each ticket by workflow automation. It allows you to input your rules to automate the linking process of your SLA policies to ticket types. It reduces repetitive work.

SLA policy helps set standards for your support team’s SLA performance. With the Yoro Desk’s SLA functionalities, you can ensure that each issue is responded to and resolved within a deadline.

Industries Served by Yorodesk

Yorodesk Powers Splendid Customer Service Across Industries


IT or ITES companies, with their tech-savvy customer base, require a highly responsive customer service team. This is why Yorodesk ticket software is essential for an all-sized software company.  


Finance and banking customers expect a high degree of data privacy and reliable, fast service. Offer personalized and quick support with Yorodesk, a secure and user-friendly customer service software.

Marketing & Sales

Yorodesk ticketing system lets you have complete control over your sales and marketing activities by creating and managing tickets for every cross-functional task. It helps you get quality support.


Yorodesk helps SaaS companies deliver professional services, product support, customer support, quality of services through its advanced features. It helps you to engage with partners and customers internally.