Collaborative Social Media Customer Service Software

Solve Problems Together with Yorodesk’s Social Support Software  


Deliver Dedicated Customer Support

Yorodesk’s customer support teams can raise service requests and incidents to the internal teams. They can collaborate easily to resolve problems with a complete view of customer conversations without switching between applications. Yorodesk helps you work with teams from across the organization to give consistent and fast responses to your customers.


Get Connected with the Collaborators in the Ticket

Build support by bringing together the power of specialists across distributed teams to solve customer issues. Your agents can collaborate smoothly with stakeholders and other teams and do a lot more to resolve tickets quickly. With Yorodesk social media customer service software’s reports and analytics, track collaborators’ performance. 

Automate Your Work Across Social Media Channels

With Yorodesk social media customer service software, you can bring the excellent support experience to the right where your customers are.

Yorodesk’s social support helps you stay your customer’s requirements on your social media platform with seamless Facebook collaboration. You can convert posts and messages into tickets in your Yorodesk system.

Whether it’s a post you have made on Twitter, Yorodesk brings it all to a similar interface. You can convert any of these customer comments or posts into tickets and respond to your followers from within the help desk.

Using social media channels like LinkedIn for support can instantly influence brand value and customer satisfaction. You can respond to your posts, messages, and emails from the same interface with Yorodesk integration.

Let customers easily connect with you by messaging your brand’s page on WhatsApp; automate chat, replies, audio calls, video calls, and share images with customers anywhere and anytime from your helpdesk platform.

You need a way to monitor each time a customer messages you on social media. Yorodesk’s social support software shows chats, tags, and mentions in a single window so you can notice and understand everything on time. 

Industries Served by Yorodesk

Yorodesk Powers Splendid Customer Service Across Industries


IT or ITES companies, with their tech-savvy customer base, require a highly responsive customer service team. This is why Yorodesk ticket software is essential for an all-sized software company.  


Finance and banking customers expect a high degree of data privacy and reliable, fast service. Offer personalized and quick support with Yorodesk, a secure and user-friendly customer service software.

Marketing & Sales

Yorodesk ticketing system lets you have complete control over your sales and marketing activities by creating and managing tickets for every cross-functional task. It helps you get quality support.


Yorodesk helps SaaS companies deliver professional services, product support, customer support, quality of services through its advanced features. It helps you to engage with partners and customers internally.