Task Management Tool

Integrate Yoroflow with other applications through web services, schedulers, or APIs.

Multiple Views

All-in-one task management platform that reduces the dependencies of using various tools for your business’s workflow.

Individual & Group

Secure share, access, and collaborate on task from virtually anywhere anytime with Yoroflow’s task management tool.

Work Log

Make use of Yoroflow’s work log to keep track of your team’s activity. It offers all of a board’s activities in one list.  

Time Tracking &

Yoroflow manages your escalation based on pre-defined rules to get tasks automatically escalated. 

Custom Status

Custom status is one of the main fields that help define business rules in the system and users, and team track the progress. 

Attachments & Files

Yoroflow enables users to send and receive any kind of file attachments in a reliable and easy manner.