The Best Ever Kissflow Alternative

Create unified workflows with Yoroflow’s built-in integrations, advanced customization tools, and intuitive interface with this side-by-side Yoroflow Vs. Kissflow comparison


Drag & Drop

Yoroflow provides simplistic drag and drops tools usable by administrators with ease to no coding experience to build robust applications. It helps to automate business processes and workflows effectively.


Build Workflows

Change annoying and repetitive tasks into smartly designed low-code workflows in minutes. Right from the buttons to sliders, Kissflow alternative Yoroflow’s CSS editing tools let you customize each detail.


Automate Workplace

Manage all kinds of works in a single no code workflow automation platform with a digital workplace. Yoroflow gives you the transparency, power, and flexibility you want, whether you are a team or company.

No Code Workflow Platform

All about the Yoroflow no-code workflow automation platform is visual. We have created things ease so that the admin of the workflow automation software, whoever it is, anyone can make workflows instantly without any hassle. Your employees need not take special training to use Yoroflow software (Kissflow alternative). The name says it all!

Why Yoroflow is Better than Others?

User Groups

User groups can be created, managed, and changed by User Admins or Super Admins.

Assign Tasks

Admin can dynamically assign the tasks anytime using the advanced assignment option.

Group Tasks

Create and import groups, then assign tasks by using the advanced task assignment option.

Approval Process

Create manual and automatic approval processes in less than 10 minutes in Yoroflow.

Graphical Workflow Editor

Get immediate access to workflow action permissions from our graphical workflow editor.

No-Code Form Builder

Create a form and save time with Yoroflow’s ready-to-go online no-code form builder.

Custom Form Attributes

Make a new form attribute, define action flows, and understand the shapes in Yoroflow.

Low code CSS style

Build a powerful app, integrate natively, and plan sprints on Yoroflow’s low-code CSS style.

Ad-Hoc Reports

Configure Ad-Hoc reports and analyze dynamic report data using Yoroflow’s Advanced Reports.


Choose and build a Kanban board online for better transparency and easy-to-understand UI.

Pinned Workflows

Navigate forms, view workflow comments, and status with our automatic pinned workflows.


Build a powerful app, integrate natively, and plan sprints on Yoroflow’s low-code CSS style.
Step Forms/
Cart Configuration
Step forms let you define what is need to move an item and configure a cart to store essential data.

No-Code Integrations

Meet the needs of businesses are seeking automation through our no-code integration platform.

Public Forms

Build and customize your public forms online so anyone can create a service request effectively.


Yoroflow SLA’s and support models use an embedded communication interface as primary support chat.

Why yoroflow?

Can I Integrate Yoroflow With Other Workplace Platforms?

At Yoroflow, we comprehend the increasing demand for digital workplace platform low-code integration that is why Yoroflow comes with the capabilities of built-in workflow integration. Yoroflow allows third-party integration tools, automates the process, and handles it in a single platform.

Does Business Process Automation Help in Improving ROI?

Yoroflow helps automate the entire business processes that produce a high value for your enterprise. Save time and reduce manual interruptions by customizing business processes in Yoroflow. It will help you to get optimum results and improve better ROI.

Why Is Yoroflow Alternative to Other Workflow Automation Platforms?

Yoroflow differs from other workflow automation platforms because it avoids coding needs so anyone can design a form. Add and edit tasks, fields, and functions by drag and drop tools. Users can build the app of their idea without debugging and technical assistance.

Why Is Yoroflow the Best Fit than Other Process Automation Solutions?

Yoroflow can skyrocket your business efficiency with ease. Enhance your HR process, IT process, Sales, and Marketing process with Yoroflow’s powerful process automation solution. As your organization grows, Yoroflow will scale right alongside the business.


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