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Manual Process

Yoroflow workflow automation refers to the design, implementation, and automation of business processes upon workflow rules where manual tasks, files or data are routed between individual or teams based on pre-defined business process rules.


Scheduled Process

Set up a process scheduler easily to start a new item using time-based trigger in Yoroflow. Create and submit an item into the workflow. Once starting integration, actions can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.



Yoroflow APIs help accomplish multiple operations remotely, such as new flow creation, item submission, and form modification. Request created to a URL of the resource as these APIs are built as robust Web Service.

Enterprise Process Automation

Using Yoroflow, an enterprise can configure a process automation software to capture and interpret the tools and applications for manipulating data, processing a transaction, connecting with other digital system, and triggering responses. Ensure optimal performance by getting systematic review of an enterprise’s processes.

Why Yoroflow is Better than Others?

Drag & Drop

Using Yoroflow’s drag and drop tool, you can eliminate the unwanted complexity and optimize for ease of use.

DB Task

Create business workflow scripts by demonstrating the workflow essential to finish the DB tasks.

Approval Task

Boost efficiency, reduce bottlenecks and enhance workplace productivity using our automated approval workflows

Decision Task

Allows you to mention the condition using which you can manage the workflow branch execution.

Call Workflow

Route calls to a specific team or agent using call workflow that comes with a call handling option.

Compute Task

Yoroflow allows you to automate manual tasks independently by moving fast and compute the tasks.


Countless features and easy-to-understand UI of Yoroflow have made Kanban board software.

API Calls

Yoroflow API calls allow the team to communicate. It delivers the request to the provider and responds.

Ad-Hoc Reports

Generate process-specific Ad-Hoc reports based on your need, and share essential reports/files with your team.

Compliance & Security

Compliance at Yoroflow. Your data security is our priority. Meet data regularity and compliance standards.

Encrypt in Transit

Yoroflow ensures your information has encrypted in transit by conducting regular data vulnerability tests.

Encrypt at Rest

Yoroflow is committed to privacy and security measures needed under GDPR, so your data has been encrypted in rest.

Custom Integration

Build a custom workflow in a couple of taps using the advanced Yoroflow custom integration tool.


Yoroflow SAML allows you to connect the login screen to any SAML providers you have chosen.

Video & Call Training

Schedule a personalized video and call training for your entire team with Yoroflow’s collaboration tool.

24/7 Expert Support

Yoroflow team has a range of professional experts who can provide 24/7 support and help.

Why yoroflow?

Do Yoroflow Focus on Data Security?

Yes, since the GDPR has announced, Yoroflow has been working towards compliance and security standards. We made some changes to our processes based on encryption and data security and how Yoroflow handles client’s data.

How Yoroflow Helps Enterprises to Scale?

Yoroflow automated business workflows help enterprises integrate business operations, increase efficiency, and change the way you work. Scale your enterprise by building (Pipefy alternative) Yoroflow hassle-free end-to-end processes.

Does Business Process Automation Help in Improving ROI?

Yoroflow helps automate the entire business processes that produce a high value for your enterprise. Save time and reduce manual interruptions by customizing business processes in Yoroflow. It will help you to get optimum results and improve better ROI.

Can I Integrate Yoroflow With Other Workplace Platforms?

At Yoroflow, we comprehend the increasing demand for digital workplace platform low-code integration that is why Yoroflow comes with the capabilities of built-in workflow integration. Yoroflow allows third-party integration tools, automates the process, and handles it in a single platform.


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