Work from Home Template

Remote Work Template Helps You and Your Team Manage Requests, Timelines, and Everything 

Benefits of Work from Home Template

Positive Workplace

Work from home creates a positive and comfortable work environment. Employees feel more confident that they build safe social connectivity among colleagues.  

Efficient Remote Work

Enterprises use online team collaboration tools during this pandemic to keep employees in connection with each other. So, they feel more detached and put more effort.   

Improve Employee Productivity

Employees will give a better effort and have a sense of loyalty to the enterprise. As teams start working together collaboratively, employee productivity will increase.

Encourage Problem Solving

Finding timely solutions can occur only when employees are remote working. Effective and timely problem solving is significant work from template benefits. 

Healthier Employees

Work from home templates tends to be healthy and happy. Remote workers have shown to lower work stress, give more time for their interests and hobbies.

Save Money

During the COVID-19 outbreak, employers have been saved money by allowing employees to work from home. Remote work template gives main economic benefit to enterprises.

Be Focused and Productive Even Allowing Your Employees to Work Remotely

Our Unique Features

Employee Onboarding
My Task
Team Task
Time Tracking
Remote Team Requests
Project Management
Knowledge Library
Risk Assessment
Communication Plan
Resource Center
Log for 1-1 Meetings
Employee Leave Status

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Workflows use to oversee business processes that need enterprise to track complex issues, project tasks, customer support challenges, employee issues, and sales leads. Yoroflow assigns a task to an individual/team and sends them an email notification about the task.


Taskboard is good for enhancing workflow and reducing the time cycle, yet, it improves the flexibility of the process. If you are searching for a way that can bend, not break, by the winds of transitions, then Yoroflow’s task board is for you. It escalates all the work processes.


Integration is a modern technique of workflow automation. Any enterprise can benefit from taking the energy and time to assess workflow business automation, and a business workflow process system such as Yoroflow helps facilitate third-party integration.

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