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A quick comparison of
Yoroproject vs Wrike

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Core Features


$5 USD

/ User

/ Month

Billed Annually


$9.80 USD

/ User

/ Month

Billed Annually

Unlimited Users
Task & Sub-Task Management
Kanban, List View
Gantt Chart Across Boards
Unlimited Dashboards
Custom Status
Time Tracking
User Roles-Permission
Project Premission

Why choose Yoroproject over Wrike?

Use Yoroproject to capture and organize the issues of your team, prioritize and take action on what’s so important, and stay up to date with what’s going on.

Agile Project Management

Yoroproject’s Agile project management solution helps your team collaborate, and deliver tasks, all in one place. Monitor deadlines and improve your workflow.

Project Portfolio Management

Yoroproject’s project portfolio management software enables leaders to project portfolios, prioritize work, empower teams, and focus resources to deliver. 

Resource Management

Yoroproject’s resource management template filters out resources such that it shows the closest match between the task and resource so the perfect skill set is deployed.

Project Reporting

Yoroproject online project reporting feature helps to record time spent on multiple tasks, generate different invoices, adjust schedules, and bill clients. 

Project Tracking

Yoroproject’s task tracking software helps project managers monitor their project status and oversee all the project resources anywhere and anytime.  

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