Unlock the Full Potential of your Business with CRM Integration

YoroCRM was built to integrate with other third-party apps you use every day. Integration in a YoroCRM system refers to the process of connecting and aligning different applications and tools to streamline processes and improve efficiency. 

YoroCRM Works with the Applications You Love

Merge third-party functions within one platform. YoroCRM offers a wide range of integration options with other software and systems to help businesses streamline their processes and improve customer relationship management. 

Benefits of a YoroCRM

YoroCRM is a customer relationship management software that allows businesses to manage their sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory in one platform. Integration in YoroCRM refers to connecting it with other software and systems to enhance its functionality and streamline business processes. 

Use YoroCRM’s APIs to build custom solutions to your requirements and integrate any third-party applications seamlessly. 

If you want to import/export data into YoroCRM, you can use this feature. It lets you upload data from multiple data sources.  

Essential features of a YoroCRM

CRM, or customer relationship management, is a system used to manage interactions with customers and potential customers. Integration in a YoroCRM system refers to the ability to connect and synchronize information from different applications and systems with the CRM.


Connect Twilio with YoroCRM, to automate all your business workflows and stay effortlessly efficient at work.

Gmail/Outlook/Zoho Emails

This feature enables you to communicate with your YoroCRM account right inside your Outlook/Gmail account.

Custom Emails

YoroCRM will allow you to customize the emails sent from your account based on your business requirements.

Google/Outlook Calendar

YoroCRM connects all your Google/Outlook calendars to one system, so you can say yes when customers want to meet.

Facebook Ads

Integrating your YoroCRM with Facebook can help ensure that the leads you generate via Facebook lead ad campaigns.

Google Ads

YoroCRM for Google Ads offers you a full picture of how much revenue your online ad campaigns generate actually.