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Helpdesk software helps you serve your customers faster with a better customer experience

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As your helpdesk software provider, Yorodesk is dedicated to providing you with the best support and service.

Forget about your clogged inbox and lost ticket requests. With Yorodesk, you can manage your sales, events, and marketing tickets in a central location. Secure your ticketing process with Yorodesk.  
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Imagine a system that keeps your customers happy, whether they call you or chat with you. Introducing Yorodesk – targeted customer support software that enables better service and engagement. 
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Build a better experience with the leading omnichannel customer service solution. Outbound service is your best choice to identify the root cause, resolve the issue, increase retention and get back to an “up” client.
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Get the edge on your helpdesk software with Yorodesk. A trusted knowledge base that is easy to use and comes with a supportive service. Compare all the top helpdesk software and find your perfect fit with Yorodesk.
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Yorodesk is a service that helps you optimize your service desk. We do this through SLA management, analytics, and automation. See how your support groups can reach higher reliability levels with the Yorodesk system.
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Teams are a harder nut to crack, but we can help you be better at team management with knowledge and tools. We provide hosted helpdesk software for teams and small businesses with 24/7 support.
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Are you tired of manually logging and tracking calls? Our helpdesk software simplifies the process of handling any type of support. Automate all your helpdesk ticketing and tracking needs with Yorodesk today.
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Collaborate through social media channels and activity streams, engage in simple conversations, and improve your service delivery. Get started in minutes to collaborate with your team and clients through everything from chat.
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Yorodesk helps integrate your helpdesk software into the systems and processes you use every day. Search, collaborate and share teamwork on Yorodesk’s integration platform. Automatically integrates with existing support systems.
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One Platform for All Your Customer Support Needs

Leading customer support platform to manage service center and contact center!

Customizable Dashboards

Use informative reports to understand your team’s performance. Customizable dashboards help you track and boost your service using the metrics and get additional statistics in detail.

Agent Workspace

Yorodesk’s agent workspace offers tier-one customer service/support and helpdesk agents with a simple and modern UI, bringing together AI-assisted answers, history, and key metrics.

Email & Call Support

Yorodesk provides quick and faultless email support without choking your inboxes. Acquire complete control over replies to enhance support quality. Automatically sort calls and emails from channels.

Social Media Support

You can view and oversee customer communication through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can reply to posts from an omnichannel solution and even set keyword notifications, so you never miss tweets.

@mentions & comments

Yorodesk lets customers engage in all discussions with your team and each other. They can mention each other, comment on ideas, ask and reply to questions, file and resolve issues, all on a single all-in-one help center platform.

24/7 Support

A knowledge base assists customers in finding quick resolutions regardless of the time. It is the smart investment you can create to deliver 24/7 support if your team operates within business hours.