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Meet Yorodesk – A trusted customer service software aiming to create a customer experience and a happy process for support agents and clients. It is equipped with collaboration functionalities, flexible pricing plans, the latest automation, and enterprise-standard integrations, making it the best Zendesk alternative.

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A quick comparison of Yorodesk vs. Zendesk

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Why Yorodesk is the best Zendesk alternative?

Customers trust Yorodesk because it is user-friendly, gives incredible value, and makes collaboration smoother. Yorodesk is a 360° customer support platform whose capabilities surpass that of innovative ticketing software. 

Ticket Collusion Detection

Within Yorodesk, the ticket collision detection feature gives visibility over agents currently communicating with a ticket. 

Automatic Ticket Refresh

In Yorodesk, ticket refresh will work when a reply is added to the ticket, or there is a property update within the ticket.

Response / Resolution time in Mail View

You can check for the particular source of the tickets with the average response and resolution time and find out why it takes a long time.

Multi Mail board View

Yorodesk’s multi-mail view lets you see service requests and tickets in a table, board, and grid view. It gives more advanced filtering.

Mail Comments

If a new issue has to be created with the mail sent by a specific user, a new mail should be used. The past one will add comments to the ticket.

Canned Response

Yorodesk’s canned responses are pre-formatted help desk email templates that allow support agents to respond quickly to customer issues.

Business Hours

Yorodesk allows you can to add your business hours to your calendar. You can add the Start and End Time with the help of an analog clock feature.

Authentication Methods

Yorodesk allows you to choose your authentication methods to sign in via Yoroflow account, Google, Microsoft, or Microsoft Azure.

Allowed Apps

In Yorodesk, you can add and remove third-party applications. Also, you can see the available applications and allowed applications separately. 

Customize Desk Automation

The flexibility to customize multiple aspects of customer support software, including desk automation capabilities, ensures effective execution.

Consolidated View

Yorodesk’s consolidated view helps you view details like the total number of teams, users, and last logged-in user with date and time.

Knowledgebase Security

You can keep your data secure with roles such as Admin or Agents in Yorodesk. It allows you to select the specific user and launch permissions.


Yorodesk gives many third-party integrations to help you enlarge the capabilities of your helpdesk. A single desk that can accommodate all your favorite business apps.

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What’s New in Yorodesk

Yorodesk is web-based customer support software to help you focus more on making customers happy daily.

Let’s dive into our latest features and exceed your business goals. 

Top Features of Yorodesk Help Desk Software

Gone were the days when customer support was just seen as an option. Today, it is an inevitable part of every business. Your customers are the core of your business, and supporting them matters the most.

What is Yorodesk? Why Is It Important for Your Business?

What is Yorodesk? Why Is It Important for Your Business?

Yorodesk is an online tool that helps businesses increase their productivity and identify opportunities for growth in the digital space.