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Yorodesk offers friendly and robust helpdesk software that many brands across the globe love. Yorodesk’s feature-rich and innovative ticketing system suits your business requirements and gives you everything you want to provide extraordinary customer service.

A quick comparison of Yorodesk vs Zohodesk

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Core Features

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Role based Access
Team Management
Muti-Department Helpdesks
Auto Ticket Assignment
Email & Telephony
Agent Collision
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Why Yorodesk is Better than Zohodesk?

Customers trust Yorodesk because it is user-friendly, gives incredible value, and makes collaboration smoother. Yorodesk is a 360° customer support platform whose capabilities surpass that of innovative ticketing software.


With Yorodesk’s multichannel helpdesk, agents can answer customer calls, reply to emails, and chat with customers within the helpdesk system. 

Activity Log

You can view all the activities the customer support staff has done with the help of Yorodesk’s activity log element.


Yorodesk’s customer support tool offers a localization feature using which customers can change or translate existing languages or add new languages. 

Support Channel

Yorodesk is a single platform where all customer queries come in. Various support channels include – Email, Telephone, and Customer Portal. 

Customizable Dashboards

Yorodesk’s dashboard home page can be fully customized as per your need by adding a new dashboard, organizing widgets, and widgets. 

Agent Workspace

Our agent workspace is specially made for maximum efficiency and speed. The interface optimizes for agents to multitask across all interactions.

24/7 Support

24/7 customer service is a strategy that involves giving 24 hours support a day and 7 days a week. It ensures that a customer can get their issue resolved.

Rich Text Editor

Rich text editor has many features that help you display text, links, and media. In Yorodesk, you will see this in the learning space every time you interact.


You can prioritize incoming support tickets as per the ticket creation time, response due-by time, or resolution due-by time in Yorodesk’s ticketing system.

Role based Permission

Roles allow you to make unique profiles and privileges that mention what an agent can view and launch permissions with your Yorodesk support portal.


In Yorodesk, an agent can assign a ticket to their group. The admin can automatically assign a ticket to a group using automation rules.


Yorodesk customer service solution provides a secure, high-end encrypted server with free, automatic software upgrades to protect your data. 

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Yorodesk Integration

Yorodesk gives many third-party integrations to help you enlarge the capabilities of your helpdesk. A single desk that can accommodate all your favorite business apps. 

How HelpDesk Software Supports Customers?

Customers interact with your business even after the sale is completed. It may continue even after the project is completed. Even when the customer visits your website till he is converted and beyond, the significance of a support system is always crucial in every part of your business.
What is a Ticketing System? Importance of Ticketing System

What is a Ticketing System? Importance of Ticketing System

Help desk ticketing systems are automated tools for tracking and responding to customer service inquiries.
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The Pros and Cons of an IT Support Ticketing System

The customer is the center of every business. You serve the customers’ needs – to help them resolve a problem with the best solution. Now, as the other side of the coin, you also have to deal with customer complaints at some point in your business.