The Best Alternative to Zoho Project

Yoroproject takes your project management, task scheduling, resource allocation savviness to a point-perfect level. Ofcourse, we help project managers with our powerful brand-new features!

A quick comparison of
Yoroproject vs Zoho Project

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Core Features

Business Plan

$5 USD

/ User

/ Month

Billed Annually

Unlimited Plan

$5 USD

/ User

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Unlimited Max no of Users
Unlimited Tasks
Unlimited Docs
Gantt Chart Across Boards
Unlimited Dashboards
Dependencies Across Boards
Time-Tracking across Projects
Task Managment
Planned Vs Actual Analysis
Business Rules

Why Choose Yoroproject Over Zoho Project?

Our built-in customization features permit each team member to design a personalized dashboard and lots of control things such as workflows and processes. Yoroproject also gives customization options, which is just standard among project management software in its class. 

No-Code Integration

Yoroproject gives many third-party integrations to help you enlarge the capabilities. A single platform that can accommodate all your favorite business apps. 


The flexibility to customize multiple aspects of project management software, including board automation capabilities, ensures innovative and effective execution.

Time Tracking

Yoroproject online time tracking feature helps to record time spent on multiple tasks, generate different invoices, adjust schedules, and bill clients. 

Project Roadmaps

Map out a plan and create a project roadmap to adapt your approach. Yoroproject’s Gantt chart can help a team set a plan that details how they will finish a project. 

Track Backlogs & Dependencies

In Yoroproject, team get a bird’s eye view of dependencies with details like dependency type, backlog, task owners, due date, and more. 

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