Create Forms and Collect Data With No Code Using Intuitive Online Form Builder

Generate forms, share them online, get instant notifications, and manage your data efficiently with YoroForms

No-code Form Builder

Organizations will be able to recreate paper-based forms quickly as digital formats and have their data synchronized directly to their existing business applications using a no-code form builder.

Public Forms

A public form lets external users without a Yoroflow account start a workflow from a URL. Initiate a chat with our support team to enable your public forms for your account.

Customize Forms

Yoroform is a powerful and user-friendly tool to create and customize your forms that suits your needs with no-code.

Validate & Data Analytics

Turn your data into insightful reports and analytics. Deliver insight and drive efficiency with Yoroflow’s automated reports and deep analysis system.

How Does Yoroflow Support Modern Businesses?


Yoroflow is an easy-to-use workflow solution which automates any business processes. It makes controls and operational efficiencies. Yoroflow workflow software is front-end configurable and offers intelligent, rule-driver business processes that are changed easily.  


One simple way to significantly cut the costs for SMEs businesses is to automate its internal processes. To undertake the business process mapping and development process, one should execute automated workflow. Yoroflow offers the complete benefit of a workflow.    

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