Features FAQs

  • To install our ready templates, open the dashboard and click on the “Templates Centre”.
  • On the left side of your workspace. Here you can view all the ready templates and choose 
     from that to install them.

Yes, Yoroflow allows everyone to customize their templates as per the need.

Yoroflow allows you easily integrate all of your third-party tools. You can seamlessly aggregate data from various apps into Yoroflow and centralize your work in a single platform. 

Yoroboard is an intelligent way for you to visually manage work by sorting tasks into columns as per their work status. It enables you to take in data stored in Yoroboard in a new way, allowing teams to focus on their essential tasks continuously.

Using the ‘Add New Sprint’ option, you can create a sprint by adding the Start date and End date along with the no.of.Sprints. Then the sprint is created successfully in your 
 task board.

You can set up security roles in Yoroflow’s Admin tab to remove and assign roles and permissions for each user and group. 

Workflow is a series of steps that occur in a sequence and is usually repetitive for a given process. 

  • The form builder is a feature-rich application for creating and managing online forms.
  • It's a must-have solution for gathering the needed data

Planning, tracking and executing your team’s innovative work with the best Yoroflow task management tool to manage every task efficiently through taskboard components.

Yoroflow helps you create the best workflow management with workflow controls including:  

  1. Start Task
  2. Web Service Task
  3. Email Task 
  4. Delay Timer
  5. DB Task
  6. Call Workflow
  7. Compute Task
  8. SMS Task
  9. Excel Report
  10. End Task 
  11. User Task 
  12. Approval Task 
  13. Decision Task 
  14. Decision Table 
  15. Counter Task 

Yoroflow's integration lets you successfully push, pull, and plan data sharing from internal and external or third-party tools and apps. 

Yes, Yoroflow's all-in-one platform helps you automate your business workflows with an easy-to-use interface. 

You can use the Email Task to send a mail notification to inform about workflow success or failure. Mail is sent from the mailbox. 

Select the Report Configuration option to create a workflow report by giving the report name, type, workflow, and task. You can view all the workflow reports. 

To create the Approval process, you must enter the Name, Form identifier, and Form Version. You can assign to a specific User or Group of Users by mentioning the Auto Assign User, Assignee User, and Assignee Group. 

In the Workflow tab, there is a Create Workflow Forms option available. Admin can select any controls from the Control list (Input Field, Button, Grid List, Divider, File Upload, Hyperlink, Hidden Control, Table, Extract as PDF, Tabbed Menu, Image, and  Security Control) while creating a new form. 

In the Workflow tab, choose Create Workflow option to create your new workflow. You can create a new workflow from scratch. Also, there are ready-made workflows available in Yoroflow. Just drag and drop to design your workflow without no-code.

Every workflow control has its properties separately. Just right-click the specific workflow control node and select properties. You can use many properties in a step of a workflow transition. 

Configure the board using the taskboard name and key along with the description. Meanwhile, you can add the 'n' no.of columns with color code. Also, Yoroflow allows you to rename the column.