Keep Tracking of Anything You Require to Get Done with Yoroboard

Task board is a tool to represent work its way towards completion. You can configure many options in the Yoroboard to customize the look and feel of the task board.  

Digital Workplace

Yoroflow digital workplace offers you access to digital tools that you require to manage daily work including process management, project management, and collaboration.

Kanban Board

Yoroflow Kanban board uses a simple method and card system, allowing you on a team to have complete visibility on full of team activity also on all individual tasks.

Automate Boards

You can configure and set up automatic workflows to keep the board cards status in sync with the integrated issues and pull requests when a particular event occurs.

Process Automation

Yoroflow uses cloud-based process automation to take rule-based repetitive processes off your hands, and automate them with flexibility, accuracy, and ease.

Team Collaboration

Making effective team collaboration needs a meaningful combination of enterprise tools and culture. Yoroflow supports team collaboration initiatives by linking teams.

Low Code Platform

Yoroflow low-code platform is a user-friendly interface where all modules can be easily dragged and dropped as needed to build business applications.

How Does Yoroflow Support Modern Businesses?


Yoroflow is an easy-to-use workflow solution which automates any business processes. It makes controls and operational efficiencies. Yoroflow workflow software is front-end configurable and offers intelligent, rule-driver business processes that are changed easily. 


One simple way to significantly cut the costs for SMEs businesses is to automate its internal processes. To undertake the business process mapping and development process, one should execute automated workflow. Yoroflow offers the complete benefit of a workflow.  

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