Kanban Boards: Professional Guide

Table of Contents

What is Kanban Board?

Kanban Board is a kind of agile project management tool developed to increase flow, limit work-in-progress, and visualize work. Kanban board enables you to optimize the workflow that helps you to boost productivity and promote focus.

How Does Kanban Board Work?

Kanban board built for defining, overseeing, and enhancing services that provide knowledge work. The Kanban board has two elements: lanes and cards.

How to Create a Kanban Board?

Create Task Board
You will have the option to create a task board once you log in. Once you created your task board, your team’s Kanban task board is the first thing you will view. It is where your team will keep monitor of their task eventually.
Create Task Cards

Create Kanban task cards to take a sticky note, write what you want to do. A task creation pop-up will display when double-clicking in a space within a column. You can use this technique to add tasks between other tasks also.

Create Sub Tasks

All subtasks can add in the respective subtask tab. Subtasks are an essential part of their parent issue that is viable on the parent issue screen. It always belongs to the same task as their parent issue.

Design Forms / Pages
Once you build an application, you will take to the design forms/pages of the app. Add different components and use the existing pages/forms to the app, such as forms to gather data and task boards to automate tasks at any instances.
Assign Tasks

If you need to assign a task quickly, click an arrow near the avatar shown in task details. Also, Email notifications send on checklist assignments. Personal users can search boards for their assigned tasks simultaneously.

Attach Documents

Users can attach documents to the Kanban task cards and Initiatives from their cloud storage. Admin can enable/disable the attachments security option. If enabled means, users will be able to attach any documents to the task board.

Prioritize Cards / Labels

Kanban boards can help you with prioritizing cards or labels precisely. It will assist you in arranging cards depending on their need and resolve critical issues as soon as possible. There are many ways of prioritizing tasks by configuring your board.

Visualize Tasks

Kanban board permits you to visualize tasks that prevent your Agile team from finishing them. It has many advantages for internal and external teams making the Kanban task board.

Move Status from One to Any by Drag and Drop

The drag and drop features allow the users to move the status from one to any. It starts when the user creates some sign as a signal for dragging. The framework ends the drag once the user ends dragging the item.

Monitor and Generate Reports

Monitoring and generating your progress with Kanban board reports can be simple. It can use to get clear insight and analyze your data. It gives you valuable details as you can easily understand.

Executing Kanban Boards Using Yoroflow

Kanban boards are an easy, proven way to be organized and assist your team in visualizing its work. If you are searching for a Kanban board system that gives intuitive and powerful features to help your team collaborate, take Yoroflow.

In Yoroflow, every card shows an item that can increase to appear on a complete page with detailed data to finish a task. Yoroflow designed all essential phases to aid in monitoring and reporting.

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